Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random Things

Well hello! Haven't blogged in awhile, the last month has kept me busy. Fist my father in law died, so wake, funeral etc back in Nebraska. Such a nice man, he suffered with Alzheimer's for the past 7 years, so I'm sad he's gone but glad he is no longer suffering. RIP Grandpa Bob. Then I visited my daughter in Arkansas for moms weekend for her Sorority. It was a fast trip, I was only there 24 hours and did no thrifting:(. I went back to Arkansas this past weekend to visit my son for moms weekend for his Fraternity and I was determined to find a bit of time to shop. I had a spare hour while he was at a meeting and I forced my daughter to take me somewhere, anywhere, to cure my junking urge. We found a going out of business flea market. All booths 50% off. Now were talking!
I found these plastic restroom plaques. Hailey told me not to put them on our bathroom door, it was "embarrassing". They're already up :) trust me, I have way more to embarrass her with then some dumb plaques. 
I've wanted an old school clock forevah! Usually they cost a pretty penny but this one was more an ugly nickel. Ok lots of ugly nickles ($30.00 worth) but I didn't think that was toooo bad. Bonus, my hubby never has too much of an opinion about anything I buy. He usually justs grunts in my general direction "ya, whatever, that's nice" but he actually really liked this clock. 
I also found these sweet hankies new in box
2.00 which is way to cheap to pass up don'tcha think? I have a hankie display idea that I've been thinking about trying. We shall see if that ever happens.

Today I got a present in the mail from my bestest aunt. I love mail (fun mail, not bills) I love vintage mail the best. She has been searching for crocheted hot pads to add to my collection. She found THE GREATEST ONES! 

Dresses and pants and vests oh my!!
SEERSLY how cute are these??
Have you ever even seen one made into a vest? 

These are little. Only about 6-7". A jumpsuit? I die.

These dresses go cute with the two I recently found (the pink and turquoise one)
So thanks Aunt Lesty! Made me a happy girl! 

Here are the ones I currently have hanging in my kitchen 

And here's a big ole empty wall space just begging for some more
You can bet this will be filled soon. No empty sauffets! Faucets? Safets? Whatever those dumb things are called. 

In project news I made a project. The end. Oh wait, you wanna see it? Well alrighty then! First a little backstory. A month or so ago I sold this clock on eBay 
Found it for $3 ish sold it for $70.00. Yay happy dance right? Wrong :(  if you guessed that it broke during shipping you win. I packed that sucker good and it still broke. The buyer sent me a message, you packed it well but you have to tighten down the lock blah blah blah. Gave me a big (but nice) lecture on the proper way to ship. Whatev. I'm over it. So I decide to file a case with the post office to see if I could get my money back. One week later a nice fat $70.00 check arrived! Happy dance is back on! WhooHoo! Of course I spent that money faster than you can say "wanna go to goodwill?" Also I had the clock back. What's a girl to do with a broken clock? Gut it and paint it of course!
It is now a cloche holding my very important ball of string and scissors and making them look even more important. Please don't touch it's under glass . 
So that's been the news around here. Fascinating I know.


  1. Marci, so sorry to hear about your Father in Law. I'll be thinking about you all. I love those bathroom door signs. That's something I would have jumped on too. I also like your rolling pin collection. :-)

  2. I am sorry about your Father in law too. I know that is a hard thing to go through - I'm sorry. I think you have been in Fayetteville more than me the last few weeks! I wonder where that Going out Of Business sale was - I need to go there! That stinks that the clock got broken, but if you got paid for it then Yippee! I've only had one thing get broken and the PO paid right away. That was nice. I love all your potholders. I have a huge, huge amount of them hoarded in a big wire basket. I get them out to sort and to sell and WHOOPS, they all go back in the basket. Oh well, isn't that the life of a junker!

  3. I too am sorry about your FIL...Alzheimer's is not an easy end of life to deal with. Hope those potholders do the trick with that empty space.

  4. Sorry to hear about your father in law.

    Those potholders look great where you put them. They're so much fun!