Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who'll give me $5.00? Apparently Me

My mom and I went to an auction tonight. This auction house does an antiques and collectibles auction once a month and always on a Wednesday. I work almost every Wednesday so I've never been. Tonight I was off so I decided to check it out. First off let's just say "antiques and collectibles" is a bit of a stretch. Some neat stuff but most stuff was junk (and not good junk). However I did bring home a few things
They had three quilts for sale. Guess who came home with all three? I really wanted the pink one and was willing to take someone out for it. Didn't have to take anyone out, only one person was bidding against me and she gave up when I gave her a death stare. (No I didn't, I'm not that mean). The other two nobody was bidding on. He kept lowering the bid. When it got to $5.00 I stuck my hand up high. Somebody bid me up to 10.00, that's cool. They are worth 10.00 right?
Here's the pink
This ones a keeper. 

These two will go on eBay...
The yellow and blue one is pretty but I didn't realize until I got home that it has a (bad) patch job right smack in the middle. 
I also bought a picture, a kind of ugly picture. In my defense it was clear across the room and I couldn't see it very well. Then I forgot it there. It only cost $5.00 and oh yeah, it was ugly so I won't be going back for it. 
The last thing I bought I'm kinda questioning. As in "what the hell was I thinking?" My mom said I was all caught up in the auction madness. Ya think? Well I'll let you guys be the judge.

They are old wooden awnings. I was thinking maybe I could make them into book holders? And yeah, I bought two. After I won the auctioneer looked at me and said "times two?" I didn't know what he meant so I panicked and said sure! Now I know that means I am buying two of the same dumb thing. Live and learn. 
Any ideas what else they could be? If nothing else I can always unscrew the wood boards from the brackets and use the wood in a project. 
My mom bought a beautiful stained glass ceiling fan. I didn't take a pic but it is gorgeous. $25.00 which is a steal. 
So it was a fun time. I'll definetly go again. But this time I'll bring better glasses. And maybe more common sense.


  1. I actually like the wood awnings and would probably try and use them somewhere.....funky headboard, over my studio...I'd be walking around with them visualizing. I hope to hit an few auctions when my Mom and I do a Iowa to home road trip this fall. Driving, junking and hoping to fill up a truck with finds.

  2. Bring those awnings to the Junk Ranch - I think they are great! Would they hold postcards or ephemera?

  3. Love the awnings! I'm sure you'll find something really cool to do with them.
    Great finds!
    Erica :)

  4. Sounds like you had fun. I can see those awnings repainted as some kind of signage. They are cool. Love those quilts too. They always make me think of my grandmother, who was a quilter.